Red Dot Sight, Manufacturer : C-More (USA), Model : Railway Polymer (CRW), Dot Size : 6 MOA, Color : Black

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Red Dot Sight, Manufacturer : C-More (USA), Model : Railway Polymer (CRW), Dot Size : 6 MOA, Color : Black

The Railway series is factory-equipped with a Picatinny rail mount that allows the sight to be mounted on pistols, rifles, shotguns and revolvers.

Manufacturer produces 8 different versions of the Railway series that differ from each other :

  1. Housing - Aluminum / Polymer
  2. Light intensity switch - Standard / Click
  3. Possibility to add a tactical kit

In each of the above models it is possible to choose the color of the sight and the size of the dot. Aluminum versions come only in black.

This version is Railway CRW Switch which features a convenient rotary click switch, which allows the shooter to precisely adjust the intensity of the dot depending on the lighting conditions. The user can choose from 12 modes of dot intensity.

With a large 29mm diameter display, it provides a distortion-free image at any distance from the eye and fast target acquisition, while thin frames provides a wide field of view.

Applied hard-coated glass lens provides maximum scratch resistance and light transmission, while the parallax-free design allows for aiming without the need to center the point.

The polymer construction works well even with large-caliber full auto firearms. 

This collimator is zeroed vertically with a screw on the top and horizontally with a screw on the right side. 1 click matches 1 minute angle (1 MOA), which is the shift of the aiming point by 2.91 cm at a distance of 100 m.

A 3V Duracell DL1/3N or Energizer 2L76 lithium battery located on the top is responsible for powering the collimator. This allows for easy replacement of the battery without the need to disassemble the sight and re-zero it.

The set includes a collimator, vertical and horizontal adjustment wrench, manual in English, mounting wrench and screws.



In C-More Railway collimators, it is possible to replace the module and change the dot size.

The following list shows the available modules in our offer :

  1. 4 MOA module for Railway polymer sights - CLICK HERE
  2. 8 MOA module for Railway polymer sights - CLICK HERE


Smaller dots work better for precision shooting, while the more MOA a dot has, the easier it is to place the aiming point on the target at closer distances. In addition, larger dots perform better in brighter areas.




Dot size is specified in minute angles ("MOA"), where 1 MOA matches 1 inch at a distance of 100 yards. For example, a 2 MOA module will cover an area of 2 inches at a distance of 100 yards, a 6 MOA module will cover an area of 6 inches, and so on. Reducing the distance from the target by half also reduces the coverage by half - a 2 MOA module will cover an area of 1 inch at a distance of 50 yards, a 6 MOA module will cover an area of 3 inches, and so on.



  • Armsan
  • Smith&Wesson
  • Ceska Zbrojovka
  • Daniel Defense
  • Beretta
  • Double-Alpha Academy BV
  • ESS
  • Stil Crin Accessori per Pulizia, Armi
  • Meprolight Ltd.
  • Phalanx Defense Systems
  • Riton Optics
  • Koncern Kałasznikowa
  • Sig Sauer
  • MSA
  • BUL LTD.
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  • BCM
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