4 Steps - to a successful shopping

Our online store is configured in such a way that all operations are closed in four simple steps on both the client placing the order as well as the owner of the store that carries them out.

Order in 4 Steps

Step 1 - Product Selection

- browse a list of categories or use the search bar to find the right product,

- for each product you will find detailed information about it,
- once you find interesting product, add it to your cart,
- if the order is completed - go to your cart.

Step 2 - Placing an order

- in your cart you'll see exactly which products you choose and how many of them,

- change the quantity number in column and click , to adjust the order,
- clicking on the icon del  you will remove products from cart, by clicking on the icon del all you will delete all your shopping cart.
- Select the form of delivery, payment, log in or complete data of a single purchase
- accept the rules, fill out the code and click Go to confirm
- check the correctness of all the data, if it is correct, press "Order"

Step 3 - Confirmation of the order and payment

- whichever form of payment you chose  you will be automatically tranfered to the PayU system or not. In any case act in accordance with the instructions on the page.
- Your order has been sent to us but reservation goods will be in when you confirm them by clicking the link you receive by email. (Confirmation is not necessary for people with an active account in a store)

Step 4 - Transfer of the goods

- to the e-mail address specified in the order you will receive information what is currently happening with your order,

- If you decide to pick up the order personally we will send information by e-mail or SMS about the possibility of receiving the goods,
- in the case of shipping in the confirmation email you receive information about the expected date of delivery. If you ordered a courier someone should be avaible at the adress specified in order.

Realization of order in 4 Steps

Step 1 - Order Received

- at the moment when You click on "Order" acceptance procedure is started.
- at this time we see your order and wait until you confirm it by clicking on the link received by email (Confirmation is not necessary for people with an active account in the shop).
- at this stage the product is not booked, make sure to confirm the order as soon as possible

Step 2 - Reservation of goods

- This status means that your order was placed on our warehouse and products have been booked
- since then we execute the order

Step 3 - Order ready to be picked

- as the name suggests Your order is ready for collection at the point that you selected,

- this means that the store employee took off the products from shelf you are interested in and is waiting for you,
- when ordering if you have agreed to receive SMS notifications, message about the possibility of receiving the goods will be send on your cell phone,

Step 3 - Prepare for Shipment

- in case of orders with shipment option, You'll get information when is the estimated time of delivery
- at this stage waybill is usually already generated and that number is attached to the mail
- remember that preparation of package its not equal to its receipt by the courier this will be informed in a separate email.

Step 4 - Completed

- This status means that your order has passed through all stages

- if you ordered the shipment status means that the package hits the road for you.


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  • WileyX
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  • MSA
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  • Meprolight Ltd.
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  • Double-Alpha Academy BV
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