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Ballistic Protective Inserts - Everything You would want to know

Ballistic Protective Inserts - Everything You would want to know

As military technologies and industry develop, more products produced for services are also introduced to a civilian market. That applies also to ballistic protection which, despite commonness around the world, in Poland is still a subject of tabu and has an opinion of unavailable premium products.
Bravo means quality

Bravo means quality

Bravo means quality After the September 11 attacks, the first global war of the XXI century began, the war on terror. It was also the first truly media war in which the struggles of the coalition forces were widely broadcast and reported, also on the Internet. It wasn't long before American...
DLC coatings for pistols

DLC coatings for pistols

Firearms are a exposed tool to exceptional mechanical and thermal loads. In combination with difficult conditions of use, this can lead to rapid wear and loss of functionality of the weapon, especially in the event of improper cleaning and care. Almost since its inception, the tool industry has...
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