Stun gun ESP Scorpy Max with pepper spray

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The first stun gun in the world with an innovative double defense system: electricity and gas, powered by two 9V batteries. The stun gun very effectively and quickly electrocutes, and in addition the built-in gas gas thrower incapacitates with biological gas up to a distance of 3 m. The gas also works on people under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants. It also works effectively on animals. Gas and electricity switches operate independently of each other. The gas ejection is activated by the thumb and the current stroke with the index finger.


Pepper spray cartridge included with the stun gun.

Stun guns are one of the most popular defense devices in the world accessible without a permit. They are used by both civilians and the police, city guards and other security services. They are devices generating high voltage and low intensity electrical impulses, causing cramps, sagging and muscle aches. They paralyze the attacker's neuromuscular system by incapacitating him for about 10-15 minutes without causing him any permanent damage. The application of the electrodes closes the electrical circuit, which causes the attacker's peripheral muscles to be exposed to high voltage current from 150,000 to 500,000 V. The electric charge only affects the attacker's peripheral muscles, which prevents it from reaching the defender. The power source is two 9V alkaline batteries placed in the handle. Stun guns even work through thick clothes. You can now have stun guns with currents up to 10 mA without permission.


All stun guns offered by our company are approved by appropriate tests and approvals for trading and possession without permission. All the following models have a practical belt clip.

(Batteries not included with the device)



"The product is a weapon within the meaning of the Act on weapons and ammunition, which is not required to buy, but the purchase can only be made by an adult. In order to verify age, we will ask you to provide the buyer's details, including the PESEL number, before purchasing. ID number. Failure to provide the required data will result in the refusal to make the purchase. "


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