Real Avid - Master Cleaning Station™ - AR-15 - AVMCS-AR

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Real Avid - Master Cleaning Station™ - AR-15 - AVMCS-AR

Master Cleaning Station - AR15 is a professional gunsmith's mat for the maintenance of the AR15 system carbines, equipped with the included tool set enclosed in a plastic transport container and a magnetic tray for small parts.

Oil-resistant, anti-slip cleaning mat provides a large, safe and ready-to-use working surface. A diagram and instructions showing the AR15 dismantling process are printed on it. A printed manual explaining the cleaning and maintenance process of the carbine is also included.

The tool set is carried in a polymer box, containing all the elements necessary for basic AR cleaning. When rolled up, the mat and the tools are stored in the included carrying bag.

- 43" x 16" (109,2 x 40,6 cm) Mat, Large Enough For Disassembled AR15 Rifle
- Protective, Padded Surface – Protection For Guns And Furniture
- Oil And Solvent Resistant
- Slip-Resistant Backing
- Hi-Res Graphics Including Disassembly And Bcg Takedown
- Integrated Cleaning Kit With AR15 Platform Specific Components
- Mat Rolls Up And Entire Station Fits Into Storage Sleeve
- Integrated Case With AR15 Cleaning Kit
- Multi-Function T-Handle
- Pop-Up Tool Holder Neatly Organizes All Components
- 3-In-1 Bore Illuminator, Pin Punch And Safety Flag
- Cleaning Implements Including: Star Chamber Brush, .223cal/5.56mm Bore Brush, Slotted Bore Patch Tip, Star Chamber Cleaning Pad Tip
- AR15 Scraper – Cleans 12 Critical Bolt Carrier Group Surfaces
- AR15 Field Guide
- Magnetic Tray
- 6 Star Chamber Cleaning Pads
- 50 Cleaning Patches
- Smart Brushes With Short, Nylon Bristles And Carbon Scraping Tips
- Accu-Grip Detailing Picks And Brushes, Nylon And Angled Phosphor Brush, Straight And Angled Detailing Pick
- 3-Section, Premium Brass Rod, Combines To Form Up To 32″ Rod

Technical info:
- Size (mat): 109,2 x 40,6 cm
- Weight: 1611 g

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