Paralizator ESP Power 200 pink

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Teaser Power 200 PINK is an effective electric weapon available without permits.
The perfect defense device for women. It can still be within reach, takes up little space in your purse or pocket.
Ergonomic housing allows quick drawing and secure grip during use.
Also used by uniformed services, security agencies, high-risk professional groups such as taxi drivers, postmen and civilians.


Housing - polymer with profiled handle enabling a secure grip in black pink.
In the lower part there is a security pin socket (after pulling the pin the device does not work).
The stun gun has a lock against accidental turning on the device, ON / OFF switch. The manufacturer provides the clip with a set.


Major features:

  • Operation - the stun gun generates high voltage and low intensity electrical impulses causing cramps, sagging and muscle aches.
  • They paralyze the attacker's neuromuscular system, effectively incapacitating him for several minutes without causing permanent damage.
  • The application of electrodes closes the electrical circuit, which causes the peripheral muscles to be exposed to an electric voltage of 200,000 Volts.
  • The current acts only on the peripheral muscles of the attacker and therefore does not pass on to the defender.
  • The design of the taser prevents secondary discharge in the event of direct contact with the attacker, e.g. we will be caught by the hand of the attacker.


  • voltage 200 000 V
  • intensity below 10 mA
  • dimensions 160 x 63 x 31 mm
  • gilded electrodes
  • weight with battery 215 g
  • power supply 9V alkaline battery (not included)

Effects of use:

0.5 seconds (short paralysis): slight shock, cramps and muscle aches.
1-3 seconds (medium paralysis): medium shock, loss of orientation.
4-5 seconds (full paralysis): shock lasting several minutes combined with loss of orientation
Important !


1.The manufacturer recommends using 9 V Energizer alkaline batteries, when using other batteries the device may not work properly. The battery is not supplied with the stun gun.

2. Taser available by mail order, no purchase permit required.

3. The use of the taser leaves no permanent side effects for the attacker



"The product is a weapon within the meaning of the Act on weapons and ammunition, which is not required to buy, but the purchase can only be made by an adult. In order to verify age, we will ask you to provide the buyer's details, including the PESEL number, before purchasing. ID number. Failure to provide the required data will result in the refusal to make the purchase. "


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