AR-15 Carbine, Manufacturer : IWI, Model : Zion-15 SBR, Barrel : 12,5'', Caliber : 5,56x45mm / .223REM

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AR-15 Rifle, Manufacturer : IWI, Model : Zion-15 SBR, Barrel : 12,5'', Caliber : 5,56x45mm / .223REM

The MIL-SPEC standard rifle was manufactured and assembled at IWI's facilities in Middletown, Pennsylvania USA.

Zion-15 is manufactured in 3 different variants :

  1. SBR - 12.5 inches
  2. Rifle - 16 inches
  3. Pistol - 12.5 inches

The model that is described is the AR SBR 12.5 inch rifle.

It features a great 12.5" barrel with a 1:8 thread that is accurate, provides hight velocity and stability, while making the rifle easy to manoeuvre.

The location of the gas block in MID-Length, results in the reliability of the weapon.

The 11.5" M-LOK "Free Float" aluminum handguard is simple and elegant, and the reload handle is standard and reliable.

Lower, upper, and slide are MIL-SPEC standard which is an additional advantage of this rifle.

The trigger is very nice and responsive- resistance builds up smoothly, no wall feel, but the breakthrough is almost instantaneous.

Additional material on the back of the lower receiver to increase structural strength.

The grip, manufactured by B5 Systems, features a right angle and aggressive texture.

The adjustable stock with two storage compartments, also from B5 Systems, is wide for a nice cheek rest.

Additionally, the rifle is equipped with a spring that removes the slack between the lower receiver and the upper receiver.

Comes with one, 30-round magazine from Magpul.


The rifle is a combat weapon designed to make everything work smoothly, of course it can also be used for sport.


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