Hard Ballistic Plate ESAPI NIJ IV size S - Protection Group DK - 108B - U-line-ESAPI-NIJ4-Small-SA

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  • Manufacturer: Protection Group - Danmark
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This plate is level IV rated and certified by NIJ 0101.06. This guarantees user a protection even against rifle rounds such as: 


7.62x51 NATO, M80 (NIJ level 3 0101.06)

7.62x39 MSC, AK47 

5.56x45 Nato, SS109/M855 

7.62x63 AP / .30-06 Springfield (NIJ level 4 0101.06)


ESAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert) type cut was designed to fit inside modern Plate Carrier type vests and it is used worldwide by military and law enforcement.
The shape of the ballistic insert provides the highest possible coverage without reducing mobility of the user.

Protection Group Dk made their product to be used as a Standalone ballistic insert. It means that plate can be used without additional soft-armor insert.

To make the protective abilities of their product even better, Protection Group placed a special Anti-Back Face Signature insert at the inside of the plate. This solution prevents any deformation of the plate after being hit. It is extremely important, because Back Face Deformation may cause blunt trauma and lead to death even though armor hasn't been penetrated.

Plate has been designed in Double Curve geometry which is comfortable to wear even through long periods of time. Such curvature distributes weight more optimal than single curve designs involving not only shoulders but also chest.

The material used to produce the ballistic insert is monolithic ceramic (AI203). This offers edge to edge ceramics, which means that the plate has a full ceramic surface where many “cheap” plates have a smaller ceramic front to save weight and make the plate look superior than it is.

The plate comes with a protective layer of foam around the plate, so it is protected from impacts and can withstand daily use. Furthermore the product is covered with a water resistant Cordura, which is protecting the ballistic properties from water, oil or similar liquids from damaging the plate.

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