Glock 17 gen. 5 with Mepro MicroRDS red dot & night sights

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Licensed product

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24 months product warranty

Purchase possible only if you have the appropriate certificate entitling you to purchase a weapon or a Polish trade license.

Pistol Glock 17 Gen 5. The fifth generation of the most popular model of this Austrian brand. According to the manufacturer, it has changed virtually all parts that are not compatible with previous versions. The latest version of the Glock pistol contains over 20 structural modifications compared to the fourth generation. The changes include, among others, a redesigned barrel for even better accuracy, an almost indestructible nDLC coating, two-sided manipulators (lock release), a modified grip for increased ergonomics, an improved trigger mechanism. These changes ensure greater accuracy, durability, performance, control and flexibility.

Tritium sights are included in the set with the collimator mounted on the back in the QD (Quick Detach) system.

Micro RDS has been produced by Meprolight, a leading electro-optic company on the international market, designing and developing systems for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, special services and the civil market since 1990.


The collimator that we get in the set is small, durable, energy-saving, has a large field of view and a clear aiming point regardless of lighting conditions. In the case of pistols, it serves as the main sight, allowing you to quickly aim at a target from close range. Fits a wide range of guns thanks to the patented quick assembly system. The adapter enables the use of a Collimator with tritium devices mounted simultaneously. There is no need to mill the lock or drill holes to install the optics.

Advantages of MicroRDS:

  • One collimator fits all platforms thanks to a special Meprolight adapter
  • Clear aiming in all lighting conditions
  • RDS can be installed and removed in a few seconds
  • Installation does not require milling the lock or other weapon modifications

Advantages of tritium instruments:

  • Without batteries and switches, always ready when you need them
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • The brightest tritium instruments available on the market
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be mounted directly without modifying the weapon
  • Tests carried out by shooters show an increase of over 85% in accuracy of shots fired


  • Micro RDS collimator
  • Tritium rear sight with QD mount for collimator
  • Tritium bow tie
  • Battery

Gun specification:

  • Caliber: 9x19
  • Weapon length: 202 mm
  • Height: 139 mm
  • 30 mm wide
  • Reticle length: 165 mm
  • Barrel length: 114 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 17
  • Unloaded gun weight: 710g
  • Loaded gun weight: 910 g
  • Trigger resistance: 25 N.
  • SPST route: 12.5M
  • Security system: Safe Action

MicroRDS specification:

  • Weight (with battery): 38gr (1.34oz)
  • Dimensions: 48x33x26mm
  • Window size: 23x17
  • Field of view (FOV): unlimited
  • Dot: 3 MOA
  • Adjustment: Vertical and horizontal (0.9 MOA / Click)
  • Brightness adjustment: 10 levels
  • Battery: 1x CR2032
  • Automatic switch off: 8.5 hours without movement
  • Tritium activity: 10 years
  • GECO
  • SPS
  • Stil Crin Accessori per Pulizia, Armi
  • MSA
  • Beretta
  • Glock
  • Daniel Defense
  • Meprolight Ltd.
  • Breda
  • Sig Sauer
  • BCM
  • S&B
  • Ceska Zbrojovka
  • Phalanx Defense Systems
  • Armsan
  • Koncern Kałasznikowa
  • BUL LTD.
  • Double-Alpha Academy BV
  • IMI Defense LTD.
  • ESS
  • Cobalt Kinetics
  • WileyX
  • Smith&Wesson