Earplugs; Model : XP Defender, Manufacturer : AXIL, Size : M/L, Color : Pink

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Earplugs; Model : XP Defender, Manufacturer : AXIL, Size : M/L, Color : Pink

Axil's XP Defender features a combination of two systems from the highly rated and well-reviewed XP Reactor and XP-Pro earbuds.

A feature adapted from the XP Reactor is the advanced Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™. You will hear the sound clearly and naturally - it seems that your ears are not even blocked. When loud sounds come in, the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ automatically filters those sounds out, keeping your hearing safe.

With the system from the second model - XP-Pro, you can manually switch between the 2 modes using buttons on each plug.

  1. In open mode, the XP Defenders provide sound reduction level at 10SNR, which allows for easy conversation with for example an instructor. In this mode, loud sounds such as gunshots are reduced by the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ at 33SNR level, allowing for easy shooting and conversation.
  2. In closed mode, the user can reduce all background sounds that distract him at the 18SNR level. Like in open mode while shooting, the "Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ will suppress the loud sound at 33SNR level.

XP Defender hearing protectors provide effective protection against gunshot sounds, so these are primarily designed for use at shooting ranges, and for hunting. It works on an electronics-free system with the previously mentioned Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™. With the ability to hear low sounds, like talking with an instructor, as well as reduce loud sounds, you only need to put the earplugs on once and there is no need to take it off during your entire time at the range.

The biggest advantage of the earplugs (besides the fact that it protects your hearing), is the high comfort of use. No headband, possibility of storing it in a small box, as well as eliminating situations where full-size headsets can push the carbine stock while shooting - these are indeed the biggest advantages of compact earplugs. Moreover, battery-free operation can be a big advantage for some users - there is no need to change batteries/recharge the device.

Ear tips are made of soft and non-allergenic medical-grade EVA material that provides a great fit inside the ear. The second material responsible for filtering sounds is non-allergenic ABS which is also medical grade. XP Defenders are washable and reusable, to avoid the problems and additional costs from constantly replacing single-use earplugs.


The set includes M and L size tips and a storage case.

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