ARCH Ballistic Helmet "Hi-Cut" type - L Tan - Protection Group DK - 402B - ARCH-Tan-L

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  • Code: PGDK-402B
  • Manufacturer: Protection Group - Danmark
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Ballistic helmet in modern Hi-Cut type of shell.

It’s design was dictated by dynamically developing demand of new technology usage on the battlefield. Producers sacrificed some of the ballistic protection surfaces for sake of making a huge step forward in terms of communication and hearing protection.

Made out of Twaron Aramid, the product is level IIIA rated and certified by NIJ 0101.06. This type of helmet is widely used by military and law enforcement operators. The helmet is covered by Polyurea paint to prevent degradation of kevlar due to the UV or moisture exposure. Otherwise degraded kevlar fibers could cause ballistic properties of the helmet to decrease.

ARCH (Accessory Rail Combat Helmet) was designed to cooperate with hearing protection or communication headsets. Presenting a different approach to the problem of wearing helmet and headset at the same time, designers worked out a solution enabling mounting hearing protection directly on the helmet.

Equipped with ARC rails, the helmet creates the possibility to mount any additional accessories including those compatible with the Picatinny system. NVG shroud enables montage of Night Vision devices. Velcro panels on the shell of the helmet can be used to personalize the product.

The rails on the sides of newer models from 01/08/2022 were designed differently for 3M and Sordin headphone adapters. In previous models, the adapter had to be unscrewed in half, inserted into the rail, and tightened with the plate that ProtectionGroup supplied with the helmet. With the newer models, the adapter no longer has to be unscrewed, but slides easily into the rail.

The inside of the helmet is covered with a 10-pad soft foam system which makes the helmet comfortable to wear over long periods of time. At the same time, the 10-pad foam system also protects against blunt force trauma from hits. Furthermore it also provides a comfortable air circulation inside the ballistic helmet against heat and moisture.

4-Point harness makes the helmet stable and comfortable to wear due to the widened neck pad and chin strap. Easy adjustment of size is provided by a dial known from mountain climbing helmets.

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